Anand Aravindakshan, I stand with you.

I don’t normally interfere with this kind of matters. But today, I want to put my thoughts to the world among all the million negativities taking their respective rounds.

This post contains only my opinions and shall remain so. If you don’t agree, please feel free to do so. I am not really bothered. My soul and heart goes out to Anand and his talent.

Just about a week ago, Anand Aravindakshan was announced as the Airtel Super Singer Season 5 winner. With all my heart, I am happy that he won and would have also been this elated if it had been any of the other contestants.

After reading Anand’s FB post today morning, it broke my heart. I know some controversies have been making its round on how Anand is a already a playback singer and that he isn’t eligible to be even contesting in the show.

As per the news that I have read of several times, there is no rule that states of a playback singer not being eligible to take part in the contest, it might have been there before but it is no longer in effect currently.

This shall be an open letter to all those who have joined hands to defame and to make him seem undeserving of the title he had won through his hardwork. 

I agree and understand the voices that complain about how this show should only provide a platform for talented singers who don’t have any influential background or contacts to make their playback singing career come to the forefront. I am not disagreeing with that.

However I still feel Anand is eligible to contest despite his experiences and soulful renders as a playback singer.

It doesn’t mean that if a person has sang a few songs for certain directors, they are automatically recognised and wanted for their talent and what they got to offer. The struggle is real. To even get the next offer to sing could have came about after various fallbacks and struggles. We don’t simply see it.

If Anand was already an established playback singer why would he put himself through the hurdle of allowing people to judge his skill and talent. Why would he go through all the rounds and struggles and put his heart at the risk of being eliminated at every round? Why would he waste couple of months- close to a year doing what he has done just for the recognition or fame that he presumedly already had?

From his FB post this morning, its very clear that despite being a playback singer of a couple songs, he wasn’t getting anywhere far (considering the fact that his life is set upon Music as his source of income). As an aspiring writer and creative individual, I can confidently say that at times, despite all the small opportunities you get along the way to portray the skills and talents you got within you, its just not enough.

You have to go further and put yourself out there to the world to be able to achieve the dreams that we want to. By hiding behind the closet, our dreams and talents aren’t going to breathe to life. We have to take the risks and throw ourselves out there to the world, to be heard. Anand has done just that, he had taken this stage to let his talent and what he has to offer to all of us to breathe.

And despite getting eliminated, he got through the wild card round and eventually won the title. I am extremely proud that he made it through, despite all the obstacles he had went through.

And about him being not a Tamilian, if you haters was against it, why wait till the end of the season to bring it up? And take a look at our tamil songs, we do have people like Sherya  Ghosal rendering beautiful numbers. If you can accept those songs, then why not Anand?

Be proud instead that people of other backgrounds and language appreciate and love our Tamil songs and culture. Isn’t that a good thing?

And Dear Anand, 

If you get to this post, I want you to know as a fan and a well-wisher, I stand with you. You have made it this far with your strength, courage and willpower. Don’t let anyone to shake you off your journey. Only you would know the exact reason as to why you had embarked upon this contest. You don’t owe anyone any justification. Your voice and talent has reached out and you deserve all the goodness that has been endowed upon you. Accept it and continue being strong for this phase would pass. And all those haters would learn to quiet down when they realise, their world wouldn’t be complete without music. The very same music that contains your voice and expression. 🙂 

-Shangari, Inspireyosoul


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