2015 to 2016


I would like to thank my readers (however small the number is) for always reading my posts and joining me on my life journey.

I spent the last week of 2015 reflecting and creating plans for my 2016. And I have made several heart felt decisions. I have decided to take my passion for writing and expression through words to the next step. I have decided to be more dedicated and consistent with my blogging and Instagram posts. And also another exciting planning is running, I will reveal that when the time is right 🙂

A little 2016 write up, to kick off this year. 

Lets step into the year once again with all our big dreams and goals. Its a brand new start dears.
Whether or not anyone has the faith or belief in your capability, know that the Universe is always there by your side. God has the faith and belief in you. Isn’t that a big thing?
Live from your heart, love from your heart and spread your wings.

Have a blessed year. 🙂

Additionally, I would like to list all of my 2015 posts links in this very post as a look back. It might be easier for you as well to make your way through. 🙂
2.Flawed Yet Perfect
3.It’s all about YOU!
4.Draw Inner Strength – Live Through It
5.Dreams Unlocked
6.Tonight Let’s Not Numb The Feelings
7.Us :- Magic Of The Universe
8.It Takes 2 Hands To Clap
9.You Will Get There
11.//In The Lost Hours//
12.Fading Spark
13.Ishq – Love
15.When It Matters
16.Unheard Weeps
18.Naan;Nee (Me;You)
19.Maybe..Who Cares
20.Unconditional Love
21.Feel Good – Timely Reminder
22.Sapna Jahan ; Love Is The Answer
24.Coffee FTW
25.Let Go, Let God
26.Let Your Heart Free ; Live
27.Just A Simple Story Of Love
29.Believe In Miracles
30.Love : God’s Gift

That’s a bigggg 30! WOW.
Thank you once again reader for dropping by. I hope you will drop by often and enjoy your stay here. Explore to your hearts content!
If you have instagram, go follow @inspireyosoul as well. (I am more active there) —– in case, you would like to get up close with me, you can follow my personal account @shangawesome

Thank you! Sending so much loves. 🙂 Go achieve your dreams of 2016!




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