Love : God’s Gift


The following is a stand alone entry.
The video above, is for your listening pleasure. 🙂

“Honey, do you know what is love? I didn’t know what it was even at the moment you left me. The aftermath of your walk away was horrible. 

Memories scattered all over the place. I stood before the Lord and screamed and accused Him of cheating me of everything. 

Honey, I was in a lost loop. I didn’t know which path I got to walk on confidently. I tried convincing myself that these memories we built together were utter rubbish and nothing was true. I couldn’t even do that task proper. I failed big time. 

Then, I felt the Lord’s hand embracing me even I had accused Him and vented all my anger on Him. He walked this path with me. He taught me, its okay, whatever happened has happened and we can always create new beginnings for ourselves.

Honey, to say those memories we created were rubbish, was a big lie. I know with all my heart now, our memories might not be something extravagant, it could be of very trivial and insignificant stuff.  But any memory filled with love, is important and serves us always. I now dive through these memories and I only attain peace and bliss and the love that I felt.

Some may say this is stupidity. But what is stupidity? It is when you self pity yourself and refuse to see the opportunities in front of you. It is when you dishonour your feelings and keep making yourself fall in the loop of sadness. It is when you just don’t follow your heart lose all clarity.

But dear reader, know one thing, we can change it all. We can at any moment  choose what we want for ourselves and our life. We can choose our own definitions of happiness and bliss. I promise, life will keep up with your decisions and it always get better. 

Honey, now back to you, do you know what’s love? Yes, I do now. Love is such a beautiful thing. Aren’t we humans so gifted? 

Now that moment of you leaving me doesn’t hurt me any longer. All I can feel is the immense love I still hold for you. It doesn’t matter or not if you knew about it. All I know right now is loving you gives me bliss and happiness. And thats all that matters to me right now. 

You are my favourite blessing. 

And I am ever grateful for that. 

And dear universe, I know one day you would catch up with both of our lives. And when that day arrives, only love shall tie all the loose ends together and drive all other confusions away. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


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