Believe in Miracles

[@ 0.41]
Meera : If you don’t mind, may I ask you something?

Imran : Hmm (sure)

Meera : Mumma told me that you had waited for 8 years for her without any expectations. How were you this sure that one day you both would and will get together?

Imran : Every love has it’s time. That time wasn’t our time but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love between us. I had full belief and faith in my love. If God can melt in front and for love, then what more for time? Time had to change of course.”

My favourite part of the movie. This movie might be very cliché but if the human mind can comprehend such reel realities, I believe someone out there could possibly be having a similar reality.

Love is overrated at times and it tends to be placed and perceived as magical. Yes, indeed but it doesn’t denote the absence of tough and harsh realities. It can be magical but yet stormy. But we just got to keep swimming against the currents and know that love is love no matter what the odds are. If you know you have found that love, don’t second guess it and just go with the flow. Your love is yours to feel and keep, you need not validate it by seeking a relationship. 🙂 Love should make you happy and joyful within.

Be positive, believe in yourself and know everything around you happens for everyone’s highest good. Love with all your heart, LOVE YOURSELF MORE and sail along in life. {Read it again.}

Just be positive and life will ALWAYS surprise you with miracles. I promise. Life is magical and it loves you.

Chuck everything else in this post if need to be.
Just take along the bold lines above with you.
In this vast universe, we all seek validations to follow our heart and be positive in nature.
And I want you to know that you right.
You are deserving of the goodness, your life and heart holds for you. Be blessed. 



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