Our love will succeed through.. 

I truly believe in it. Whether or not you are fighting at your end of the world for our love, I will fight on. There is nothing to literally fight on.. Its, I will keep that lit fire alive. I have come to realise, some love aren’t there to be diminished. Its there to better us, to teach us how to believe. We might not be in each others arms right, we might not be pampering one another right now. We might be broken and healing on our own and distant away as a team. I believe there are miracles and so much goodness awaiting us. We are yet to reach that stage. Yet.

I have found love in you and it is there to stay on. Thank you for coming into my life and allowing me to open my heart to love. To love you and yet be my own. Thank you from the deepest corner of my soul. You warm my heart ; our love will blossom in the right time. Just believe. Till then, this love rooted in my heart is enough to bring me through us through. 


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