Let Go, Let God.

This week has been uplifting ; God has been guiding me. And I am learning to breathe and truly be happy with that peaceful core centre. No matter what God has got my back and life together.

And this is something I want you to remember when you worry. God knows what He is doing. 

My day started with an article about surrender to God.

And my day ends with this quote (picture on the top) that I found on Cheryl Richardson Facebook Page.

The message is profound, surrender to Him, let Him take care.
Just wait for guidance and move along with that.
Nothing can ever go wrong technically.
You are always safe.

Knowing this, it will then be easier to let go & let God and to practice tools like affirmations and visualisations with a heart full of positivity and gratitude.

This is the first baby step to creating our manifestation – Trust and Faith in God.

That’s all I am feeling tonight. And oh yes, a heartfelt gratitude for everything and everyone in my life. #bliss

Thank you Swami. & I love you. 🙂

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