Naan ; Nee

“En Vaanilae Or Mugilaai Nee Thondrinaai ; Methuvaaga Nee Vaanamaai Virinthaayadi En Nenjilae
En Boomiyil Or Chediyaai Poo Neettinaai ; Methuvaaga Nee Kaadena Padarnthaayadi En Nenjilae”

Inspired by Naan Aval Illai Song (Link above) – listen!

“Distances ; my heart seem to know of none.
Love ; the only language that my heart seems to read.
Grattiude ; the only emotion that evokes out at the thought of your name.

Whether our minds register it or not, our hearts knew all the long.
They knew what this entire play was about.

My heart knew all the long ; you mean something.
My heart knew all the long ; love was what I felt.

I don’t seek you in anyway.
My heart continues on to love you on.

Flawed is the society for teaching me that moving on meant forgetting you and the love that held us.
Moving on only meant one thing ; to be not afraid in losing your presence in my life.
Moving on meant being passionate about life regardless your presence.

Moving on never meant chucking our love aside.
Till time decides to create another magical tale ; our love resides on.

And this makes me feel more alive than anything.

To be in love with life and you. 
Not needing to pick one over the other.

Life ; Love.”

To be very honest I am still pondering if this blog should be closed down and I will start a total new blog with my writing. I am debating still. Shall keep you guys updated. Peaceout.


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